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We go on to provide voice to details of view, investigative stories and information that the ruling alliance amongst the stalinist and Imperialist forces won't want released.

This man or woman roughly images how the Cyprus indymedia “group” is incredibly keen at choosing certain pieces from the real everyday living truth the remainder of the people today share and carefully putting these parts with each other in a way it goes with their interpretation or greater design of their own actuality.

προσωπικά δεν με απασχολεί το παρόν blog site αν λέγεται indymedia κλπ απλά είναι καλά να ξεκαθραρίσει ότι δεν εμπίπτει στις προυποθέσεις που έθεσαν όλες οι συλλογικότητες των imc

We ask which the nameless accusations against us be turned down on the basis of our general public document in the eyes of the community by means of our steps and terms, and by the fabric about us and by us that is clearly created into the Digital record of the web.

και η αναγνώριση ότι οι άνθρωποι από διάφορες θέσεις στην κοινωνία μπορούν και πρέπει να συνασπίζονται μπροστά στην αδικία του συστήματος.

Opws jie na eshi, oi anarxikoi en asxolountan me to ti eginetoun sta oikonomika tou kartaz ton tote kairo afou en itan kan diaxiristes.

o- a number of yrs of standard evenings set aside for activist dialogues across the requirements of the choice Local community.

ακριβώς όπως αναφερόμουν σε κυπριακά αρνιά και καυστηριαζα την απράξία όπως την αντιλαμβανομουν τότε των κυπρέων

Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne reported they didn’t surface to are actually widely employed. “We've got looked at the usage of these audiences and strategies and it’s not prevalent or popular,” he stated.

A part of IndyMedia's legacy is the fact that indymedia should really "not be owned or controlled by Anyone team", and that is Section of The key reason why that our Group embraces progressive and radical persons of all kinds, which includes Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Feminists and Greens of assorted ethnic and cultural origins and of the large number of identities with regards to sexual, gender, linguistic and faith orientations.

Οι κατήγοροι βασίζονται μόνο στα αισθήματα ενοχών που κτίζουν οι σχέσεις τους μεταξύ τους. Και εγώ ως μέλος της κοινότητας τα έχω υποστεί σε προσωπικό επίπεδο σε βαθμό που ντρέπομαι ακόμη να βάλω το όνομα μου εδώ.

Χεστήκαν που η αστυνομία εμπήκεν στο σπίτιν ενός αθώου με διαταγήν του κόμματος τζιαι της Εισαγγελείας, που επαρακολουθούσαν τον υπολογιστήν του.

Investigating Algorithmic Injustice Need to sector Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for the significantly-right rally? Facebook’s self-provider advert-purchasing platform had the correct viewers for you personally. Until this 7 days, once we questioned Facebook about this, the world’s premier social community enabled advertisers to direct their pitches to the news feeds of just about two,300 individuals who expressed fascination in the subjects of “Jew hater,” “Tips on how to burn up jews,” or, “Historical past of ‘why jews destroy the entire world.’”

This site has carried out it all over again! Congratulations: they have got come out that has a wild situation of non-public and sexual fantasies, they have claimed that all of these have in fact shaped the backgroud of each different motion and motion and also have last but not least managed to end up having their click here favourite punch line: this Gregory is accountable for all the things!

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